Wednesday, March 01, 2017

From the Science Department...

It's time for another design process!

This time it's about... TIME!

Students must reflect on why we want or need to measure time.
Then, they must choose one ancient instrument used to measure time and:
-find out its origin
-create a labeled drawing
-write a description of the instrument: what it looks like and how it works
-give the advantages and the disadvantages of the instrument
-imagine possible modifications to make the instrument modern

For some of these components, students have researched the answers using their iPads. For other components, students should formulate and invent their own answers.

The pages students have been working on (pictured below) are the rough copy of this project.
Students should create a final project, including all of their information. This final project could take any number of forms: a poster, a book, a diorama, etc...

The final projects of this Design Process are due
 Monday, March 13th.